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You can download our parts manual for a comprehensive guide to our online parts, identification and ordering contact details. Customers can use their vehicle specifications to identify the parts diagrammatically by part number before making their order.

Axle & Suspension
How to identify your Axle, Gigant Axle & Brake Parts, Gigant Suspension Parts, SAF Axle & Brake Parts, SAF Suspension Parts, SAE Axle & Brake Parts, SAE Suspension Parts
Braking Equipment
How to identify you Braking System, EBS E Braking System & Suspension, EBS D Braking System & Suspension, EBS E Braking System & Suspension for Voyage Semi - Trailer, OptiTurn System
Wheel Rims
Trailer Wheel Rims, SAF, Gigant, SAE
Hydraulic Valves
Types of Control Valve Blocks, Control Valve Blocks, Monoblock Valve Parts, Slice Valve Parts, Flow Divider & Check Valves, Rigid Valve Frame Assembly, Hydraulic Filters, Hydraulic Oil Tanks & Parts, Other Hydraulic Valves & Hydraulic Fittings
Hydraulic Rams
Introduction to Hydraulic Rams, Evo 8 & Evo 6 Rams, Evo 6 & Evo 5 Rams, Evo 4 & Evo 3 Rams, Plus 11 Ram, Voyager Semi-Trailer, 5 Car Rigid Rams, Plus 9 Rams
Lighting & Electrical
Location of Lamps, Lamps, Junction Boxes, Start/Stop, 5 Car Winch Remote, Other Electrical Items
How to identify your Coupling, Rockinger 50mm Pin Coupling RO*500, Rockinger 50mm Pin Coupling RO*50, Rockinger 80mm Ball Coupling RO*KU*80, Rockinger 57mm Pin Coupling RO*57, VBG 57mm Pin Coupling VBG 795V
Pneumatic Components
Piping Diagrams, Air Cylinders & Air Tank Assembly, Air Valves & Fittings
Lifting & Locking Mechanism
Guide to Lifting & Locking Mechanisms, Pillar Locking Mechanism, Ram Locking Mechanism, Chain Lifting Mechanism, Lifting & Sliding Arm Parts, Slide Block Nylons & Rollers, Chain Lube & Chain Gauge
Safety Handrail Posts & Cables
Handrail Posts & Cables, P Posts & Pillar Gates, Trailer Front Pillar Ladder, Other Safety Equipment
Instruction Labels
Universal Labels, Warning & Safety Labels, Weight Information Labels, Control Labels
Wheel Stops
Wheel Stop Locations, Peak & Semi-Trailer Top Deck Front Wheel Stops, Deck One & Two Wheel Stops, Top Deck Rear Wheel Stops, Scissor & Lead-on-Ramp Wheel Stops, Whale Ramp Wheel Stops
Wheel Arches
Standard Wheel Arch Assembly, Evo 6 Hybrid - Evo 8 Arch Assembly, Tag Axle Mud Wing Assembly
Loading Ramps
How to identify types of Loading Ramps, Fully powered Loading Ramps, Half Powered Loading Ramps, Manual Loading Ramps, 5 Car Beaver Tail
Tie Down Equipment
Straps & Ratchets, Other Tie Down Equipment, Sliding Ratchet Assembly
Winch Assembly, Winch Rollers, Winch Electrics, Winch Hydraulics
Trailer Accessories
Van plates, Side Steps, Decking, Pipe Tracking, Semi-Trailer & Landing Legs, Other Accessories, Height Staff, Chain & Multi Lube
How to order
Process required for ordering the correct parts

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